Why Agricola Ortogroup

The Sicilian Citrus fruits are authentic taste gems that can grow only in a rich and productive agricultural land, kissed by the sun, as the Sicilian.
Red Orange of Sicily PGI

Our company is certified PGI Consorzio di tutela Arancia Rossa di Sicilia.

Organic Farming

Ally of nature: we decided to use only organic products in agricolture, adopting modern systems to manage our production.

Global GAP

Safe products for the consumer, traceability, environmental protection and safeguarding the health of workers: guaranteed by GlobalGAP

Lemon from Syracuse PGI

A unique fruit with amazing characteristics. Primofiore, Bianchetto and Verdello: the original Lemon From Syracuse.

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Mammarancia is the real Blood Orange experience

Genuine, sweet and fresh, it has a sparkling fragrance and its flesh is of an intense red color. Mammarancia is the superior quality.

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Who are we?

We are a young start-up, with 50 years of experience

Agricola Ortogroup Francofonte is a company specialized in the production and marketing of citrus, with the headquarters and the manufacturing plant located in Francofonte (Syracuse).

We are specialized supplier of retail chain like Carrefour, Système U (France) and BioTropic (Germany) for Sicilian citrus, especially Sicilian Red Oranges PGI.

It is a new firm following in the footsteps of a family business deep-rooted in the citrus market for over 50 years, thanks to a solid quality and business management and a deep passion for the ancient culture of the citrus of Sicily.

  • 1 ∙ We Cultivate

    Sicilian Blood Oranges, Femminello Lemons, 60 hectars of own organic production.

  • 2 ∙ We Harvest

    Agricola Ortogroup is supplied directly from the field by its teams of pickers and it operates with its own transportation system from the countryside to the point of production. A great effort, which assures a high quality level, guaranteed by a meticulous control of the entire process, from the detachment of the fruits to the final product.

  • 3 ∙ We Deliver

    The organizational and logistical efficiency is a key factor in Agricola Ortogroup’s success. The company, in fact, has a modern fleet of mini-thermal trucks that suits every transport. The effective management of the "fleet" assures an extensive national coverage with a 36 hours time-lapse between order and delivery in Italy.


Our production

Sicilian: quality and excellence
Sicilian Blood oranges
Sicilian Blood oranges
Blonde pulp Oranges
Blonde pulp Oranges
Limone Femminello di Siracusa
Limone Femminello di Siracusa

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